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CFAR Fundamentals
September 19-21, 2022 Recap

Our CFAR Fundamentals workshop began on September 19th and concluded on September 21st, 2022. We started the workshop with a brief overview of White Oak Pastures, which included a farm tour. The three-day workshop was a mixture of classroom learning with pasture observations that enhanced and demonstrated the content being discussed in the classroom. We were delighted to have Tre’ Cates from nRhythm moderate our session throughout the week.  


Our session experts for the February session were Robyn O’Brien from rePlant Capital and Cole Allen from Grassfed Valley. Robyn O’Brien is a co-founder and Managing Director of rePlant Capital, a financial services firm scaling climate solutions on farm. She is also a Fulbright scholar, best-selling author, and widely recognized speaker on global food systems. In 2020, she was recognized on the Forbes Impact 50 List for her work at the intersection of agriculture and climate. Cole Allen, the owner of Grassfed Valley, is an experienced generalist working and studying across the fields of finance, business development/strategy, real estate, health and nutrition, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and, most recently, agriculture. He currently works as a business Development/Strategy manager at a Fortune 500 real estate company while separately but simultaneously traveling across the U.S., meeting with agriculture providers, suppliers, and experts who primarily focus on regenerative practices. 


Last but not least, the White Oak Pastures management team and directors played a big part in taking big picture frameworks and relating them to White Oak Pastures’ 25+ year journey to this type of farming. This allowed us to have a session packed with rich content and valuable networking.


If you have interest in joining us for a session, please apply at . Scholarships are available.

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