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CFAR Fundamentals
February 6-8 2023 Recap

Our CFAR Fundamentals workshop began on February 6th and concluded on February 8th, 2023.

We began the workshop with a brief overview of White Oak Pastures, which included a farm tour. The three-day workshop was a mixture of classroom learning with pasture observations that enhanced and demonstrated the material discussed in the classroom. We were elated to have Tre' Cates from nRhythm moderate our session throughout the week. As always, Tre' added numerous insights to the workshop, and we greatly appreciate him.

Our session expert for this session was Bryan Hummel, a Central Texas native and a biologist by birth. He has incorporated nature-based green-infrastructure biomimicry practices into several habitat regeneration projects across private, state, and federal lands. Nature-Based principles often improve the ecosystem's health and convert flooding liabilities into agricultural abundance and groundwater assets. He focuses on "teaming with nature" to benefit People, Planet, and Profits. Bryan has attended numerous CFAR sessions and always adds enthusiasm and rich content!

As always, the White Oak Pastures management team and directors played a big part in taking big picture frameworks and relating them to White Oak Pastures' 25+ year journey to this type of farming. This allowed us to have a session packed with rich content and valuable networking. We have such appreciation and respect for the entire management team!

If you have interest in joining us for a session, please apply at Scholarships are available.

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